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Herbal Salve

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We have selected organic herbs and blossoms traditionally used as natural healers for cuts, burns, rashes, eczema and dry skin. Comfrey, yarrow, calendula, St. John's Wort, goldenseal, other botanicals, almond oil, beeswax and pure essentials oils of lavender combine in this infusion for a soothing salve that enhances healing. This salve can even be used on your pet's minor scrapes and cuts!

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Holly Evins (Caldwell, ID) 3/17/2015 9:02 PM
I have been struggling with severe eczema on my hands and arms. I have tried SO many different remedies, with little to no results. My mom bought this for me while in Sitka. It was very soothing and from the first day I used it, I could see results. Within a week it was almost completely clear. Then I ran out! So I ordered more and once again, immediate results. I HIGHLY recommend this salve for eczema, dry skin, rashes, etc!
Best Salve Ever
Lori K (Edison, NJ) 12/9/2013 5:40 PM
Stepped into this great store when our ship came into port and so glad I did. Picked up this salve and really didn't use it right away. However, I started to get a dry patch of skin right next to one of my eyes and decided to try the salve on it. The dry patch went away quickly and I have been using as a moisturizer around my eyes ever since. Keeps my skin feeling smooth to the touch all the time. Great product!!!
Great Eczema Salve
Heather (Juneau, AK) 12/6/2012 3:56 PM
My 16 month old son has had terrible eczema since he was only 6 weeks old. I tried all the store bought lotions and creams and not a single one worked well. There was always a weird film that would stay on his skin causing more irritation, so I had to bathe him everyday. ( it's recommended to bathe kids with eczema every 3-4 days) It was a constant all day every day struggle for us. I had an epiphany and realized I don't need to buy a plastic bottle of mystery cream for $8 every week, but I could make my own. . I've been making a balm out of beeswax, cocnut oil, shea butter, and some essential oils, which moisturizes my sons skin like no other. No more infections at least, but it wasn't curing his condition. Alas, this herbal cream came into my life and has reduced his inflammation and itchiness wonderfully. The smell is very nice, almost therapeutic and my son loves it. He even rubs it on himself. So now that his episode is over for now I will continue to use my balm to keep his skin moisturized, but when his next flare up comes along I'll be using this salve in replacement of steroid creams and not worry at all about poisoning my baby with unnatural toxins. Thanks so much for letting us test the slave first before we bought it. We're so grateful! Only suggestion would be glass jars...but that's not going to stop me from buying again :)
Jeri (Michigan) 3/1/2010 8:48 AM
I was in Sitka on a cruise and found this wonderful salve. This is the only product that soothes my lips from the nerve ending damage due to a systemic infection I suffered from my cancer. It lasts forever, but when I run out I will order it online.
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